CUSTOMER SUPPORT - A product module with real people. Whether you forget what to click or you need help with a complete workflow, we are here to help. We understand you work with your customers, the taxpayers, and when you need help, you need it now. Our trained and certified support analysts are an integral part of our solution and your extended team.
P&I SERVER - A powerful set of streamline permitting tools.

Capture’s P&I Server offers a powerful set of tools used to streamline and enhance the permitting process.  P&I Server uses Capture’s workflow engine to collect and automate the flow of information between departments.  Capture’s flexible design allows it to be customized to meet your department’s business rules and regulations.  With Capture, recording and retrieving data becomes a quick and easy task while it simplifies workflows and increases productivity.

MOBILE MODULE - Extend productivity beyond your desk. Capture Mobile Module provides tools to extend your productivity beyond your desk and out into the field. Capture Mobile Module allows you to work in the field with little to no connectivity. When a connection is available, inspectors access the database in real-time and remotely enter inspection results. Should connection be limited, the Mobile Module will provide inspectors with needed information from data that is cached in the mobile device. Once connection is reestablished, data that is cached in the mobile device is automatically synched with the P&I Server.
CONTRACTOR ACCESS - Allow contractors to work with you - 24/7.

Capture’s Contractor Access Portal allows contractors to work with your department 24/7 via the Internet.  Contractors can apply for new permits, request inspections, check statuses, communicate with reviewers, and pay fees online.  By providing access to these services online, department staff has more time for other customer service oriented tasks.

Capture provides a complete range of Help and training materials.  Located within Capture is a link that opens detailed context sensitive Help that provides insight into various features and workflows for aiding the permitting and inspection process.  Workflow driven labs walk users through specific steps in performing various tasks.  Capture also uses multimedia tutorials to provide an interactive self-paced training.

CONTEXT SENSITIVE HELP - Complete range of Help & training materials.

Capture can be configured at different levels for audit tracking.  Depending on the level, Capture tracks changes made to permits, reviews, inspections, etc and retains them as permanent record.  This process ensures accountability at every level of record keeping.  Similarly, Capture tracks changes in a “change log” process that allows jurisdictions to have internal audits.

MULTILEVEL CHANGE & AUDIT TRAILS - Ensure accountability at every level of record keeping.
INTEGRATED INFORMATION DASHBOARDS - An effective solution for your heterogeneous data.

Like car dashboards that give drivers key information like speed, fuel levels, and engine temperature, digital Information Dashboards do the same in the IT World. Information Dashboards give end users the ability to use, view, and manipulate different types of information related to a context in one screen, thus shielding them from the multitude of data sources from which they derive.  Information Dashboards provide an effective solution for the heterogeneous data that is generated in the permitting and inspections process.

Capture P&I integrates with Esri GIS applications.  This integration is built on an open architecture using Web services, OLE Automation and Open-GIS.  This module was designed to realize a true and real time bi-directional link between permit and GIS Data.  This aspect ensures that users in different departments have access to the most up to date mapping and P&I information.  Also this eliminates redundant data entry and minimizes data entry errors.  Capture GIS module is also integrated with Microsoft MapPoint for routing inspectors in the field.

GIS INTEGRATION - Realize a true bi-directional link between permit & GIS Data.

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